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how bace works

The BACE system is a lightweight, portable unit that uses the echo or seismic method of testing. A hammer blow to the pile head allows the unit to display the foundation depth - in seconds.

This unit is a must for survey crews in the sign and construction industries.

The BACE unit consists of three parts: the analyzer PDA, the transducer, and a specially-designed hammer.

The hammer is used to strike the top of the concrete pile. A longitudinal wave travels down the shaft. When the wave reaches the base of the pile, it is reflected back to the top. The time from the hammer strike to the wave's return to the transducer is sent to the analyzer. Then analyzer then calculates the depth of the concrete.

The BACE tester is manufactured in England by James Fisher Testing (formerly Testconsult), and available in North American through Five Star Permits.